Intervention Locations

Averaging 6-10 successful alcohol or drug interventions per week, we have seen almost every family dynamic, location and demographic. From the very wealthy to the struggling family, the devoutly religious to the secular, the famous to the average, there is not a specific area that we have not dealt with.

However, we don’t “specialize in” a particular area. Rather, we specialize in families themselves. Although chasing an addict through the Alaskan tundra or breaking down the door of a meth lab can be some of the more “adventurous” of our stories, most often they are simple.

They are stories just like yours. A family just like yours, with problems just like yours calls us for help. 24 hours later we are sitting in your living room and their lives change. That is how it begins.

Intervention Locations:

Although we primarily service the United States and Canada, we do not limit ourselves to just the North American continent.

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