Cost of a Professional Intervention

Cost of a Professional Intervention

Having a loved one addicted to drugs or alcohol can have a negative impact on finances and can make recovery difficult. We make sure that we deliver the best service for the most cost-effective price. For the intervention itself, we charge a flat rate of $3,800.00. In addition to this, we charge for the cost of a flight and (usually) a single night stay in a hotel. We always try to get the least expensive economy class flight and the most cost-effective hotel room.

Our professional interventions are a minimum of 2 days (Family Consultation Day and the Intervention Day) and do not end until either your loved one agrees to treatment or you say that the intervention is over and we should move into tough love phase.

If you wish us to escort your loved one directly to treatment instead of taking them there yourself, we do charge an additional $400.00 plus flights and/or driving costs. We do require a deposit to guarantee services and accept certified check, money orders, and most major credit cards.

Never Any Hidden Fees

We do not charge for food, amenities, or other “hidden” fees, and only utilize rental cars if you require it. We do not add on any billable hours, regardless of how much time is spent with your family during the face-to-face and the ongoing phone consultations.

An intervention does not end when your loved one agrees to treatment. An intervention provider must be the service you call in the weeks and months during and after treatment.

Essentially, this is a lifetime service.

If you need to speak with our counselors on a daily or weekly basis during the entire recovery process, there will be no additional charges for the lifetime of your family’s needs towards your loved one. Having someone to call and ask questions such as, “He’s been doing fine, but now he’s stopping going to his meetings. Is this normal?” or “I’ve noticed some changes in her behavior. What should I do?” can be the difference between long-term sobriety and a potential relapse after treatment.

Financing and Cost of Intervention Services and Treatment

Intervention Services USA uses outside finance companies that can provide financial assistance through loans for families in need of an intervention who cannot afford it. In addition, we do not like finances to ever be a block to getting someone the help that they need.

The Difference Between Intervention Services USA & Them

It is very important that families understand that there is a major difference between a reputable professional intervention service and “person in recovery who is going to talk your loved one into treatment,” especially regarding price and qualifications. A small breakdown of the differences is listed below:

Intervention Services USA (A Professional Intervention Provider):

  • Conducts hundreds of interventions per year
  • Focuses on S.M.A.R.T. Model based interventions with a goal beyond merely “getting someone to agree to rehab”
  • Registered and licensed interventionists with years of experience
  • Can provide at least 10 references from state licensed treatment centers
  • Cost of services is on average $3,800 plus expenses
  • Has several employees with a range of recovery related services
  • Has professional materials, handbooks and literature for family members demonstrating standard practices
  • Able to provide ongoing services including and beyond interventions at all times. Case Management, Drug Monitoring, Sober Coaching, Family Reintegration, and Treatment Referral
  • Professional liability insurance
  • A brick and mortar office
  • Incorporated and insured

Other (Non-professional) Intervention* Providers:

  • No website
  • No materials
  • Not registered, licensed, insured or incorporated
  • Only practices in temporarily convincing someone to agree to treatment
  • No other employees
  • Claims many interventions, but is relatively unknown in the industry
  • No office and works from home
  • Cannot provide references beyond one or two local treatment centers, if any
  • Is limited to providing support only when not on another intervention
  • Cost of Services range from $100 to $500 plus expenses

*NOTE: The understanding within the industry is that the above form of intervention is actually what is called a “Twelve Step Call” in Alcoholics Anonymous and should not be charged for at all. If your potential interventionist falls into this category and is asking for a sum of money greater than the expenses or comparable to that of a professional interventionist, we strongly suggest you look elsewhere.

Someone who falls into the non-professional interventionist category should never charge more than $500 for their services.

Requesting the Founders of Intervention Services

At Intervention Services USA, we have our highest qualified interventionists, including our founders, David  and Kevin Lee. The founders of Intervention Services USA are both available for various services to families, treatment centers, educators, and social service organizations. The cost of a professional intervention guided by either David Lee or Kevin Lee is $7,500 plus expenses. If you desire both founders to come out and conduct a team family intervention, the cost is $10,000 plus expenses.

Many of their services, lectures, and presentations to the communities are offered free of charge except for travel expenses. If you are completely unable to pay for a professional intervention, our founder, David Lee, is willing to provide some guidance over the phone, free of charge.

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