Why Do People Become Addicted to Drugs? – The Rogue Elephant

the rogue elephantThis is the question posed in this presentation.  Why do people become addicted to drugs when others can take drugs and avoid the addiction?  Intervention Services Founders Kevin and David Lee were both raised by the same parents, both experimented with drugs and alcohol in the same frequency and amount, yet only one became addicted.

“The Rogue Elephant” is a presentation delivered by our Founder, David Lee, to the Cedar Lake Key Club during their annual “Night out in a box” benefit for the homeless where teenagers spend an evening living in a cardboard box to better understand the needs of the homeless.


The Rogue Elephant

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Reaching the Bottom“Reaching the Bottom” is another in our Intervention Video Responses Series.  Does your loved one need to reach their bottom in order to change?  It is important for families to collectively understand that waiting for this mysterious event, this “bottom” that they have often been mistakenly informed of…often results in disastrous consequences.

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In addition to “Why Families Wait”, the following presentations are examples of the many public service presentations that we provide for schools, educators, treatment providers, churches, and social services.  If you are in need of a workshop or presentation, please contact us for scheduling.

“Our Helping was Hurting” is a presentation delivered by co-founder Kevin Lee. An honest portrayal of a family struggling to help an addict to achieve sobriety, Kevin speaks from a personal perspective as a family member who knows what it is like to have a family stumble through all the “right actions” which only left them more frustrated in the end.

 “Why Families Wait” is an educational presentation delivered for local families, Why Families wait to do an Interventionpolice officers and educators to help people understand why the majority of families wait to intervene. Unfortunately, most families will never intervene, but instead will wait…often until the worst happens. David Lee, our Founder, explains why.


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Intervention ServicesWhy Do People Become Addicted to Drugs? – The Rogue Elephant