Hitting Rock Bottom

“Reaching the Bottom” is another in our . Is hitting rock bottom necessary in order to change?  It is important for families to collectively understand that waiting for this mysterious event, this “bottom” that they have often been mistakenly informed of…often results in disastrous consequences.

Reaching the Bottom from David Lee on Vimeo.

Dear Intervention Services,

My son keeps drinking and he won’t stop.  He’s 40 years old, he’s married and has three kids.  He lives with his wife and she’s called us for helped because they got into another fight when he was drunk.  But every time we suggest that  an intervention, she stops us and says that she doesn’t want to make things worse.  She’s tried to talk to him about his drinking in the past, and has even threatened leaving him but he doesn’t listen.  Sometimes he quits drinking for a couple days, but he always starts drinking again. 

The main reason, she says, that she wont let us have an intervention on him, is because everyone has been telling her that he won’t quit until he’s ready.  She’s been told that talking to him about his drinking, or even having an intervention wont do anything until he is ready to get help.  They keep saying that he has to reach his bottom.

What do I tell my son’s wife so that she will let us help him?

-Loving Parents


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