Our Intervention Services

Providing Interventions for Every Situation

Our intervention specialists help you confront your loved one in a way that gets them into treatment. Our continuum of care starts from the very first phone call, continues through treatment and beyond.

Drug & Alcohol Abuse

If your loved one needs addiction treatment, we can help from your first phone call to the moment they step into rehab.

Adolescent Interventions

We specialize in improving the willingness of an adolescent or teen to change their behavior or enter treatment if necessary.

Crisis Interventions

We offer interventions for emotional or psychiatric crises including domestic abuse, mental illness emergencies and substance abuse.

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More Than Just a “Talk”

An Intervention is more than just talking someone into treatment. We are a full continuum of care provider, which means we offer lifetime services for all our clients.
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What We Can Do for You

Eating disorder interventions differ from other process addictions and require special treatment.

Learn More About Eating Disorder Intervention

We provide services for companies who need to speak with an employee about a serious problem that’s affecting their work.

Learn More About Executive Interventions

Faith can play a large role in getting a loved one to enter treatment or change their behavior, and we offer interventions to incorporate that.

Learn More About Faith-Based Interventions

A loved one suffering from depression, bipolar disorder, or another mental health condition may need an intervention to get the help they need. We provide services to help them.

Learn More About Mental Health Interventions

We provide interventions for loved ones who need to make a significant change in their life, whether because of addiction, abuse, or another traumatic event.

Learn More About Life Interventions

When your parent, grandparent, or elderly loved one needs to enter assisted care, we can help you get them there.

Learn More About Elderly Interventions

If your loved one is addicted to gambling, the internet, sex, or another process, we provide services to get them the right assistance.

Learn More About Process Addiction Interventions

Continuum of Care Services

  • Intervention Planning
  • Family Reintegration
  • Sober Coaching
  • Case Management
  • Drug Testing
  • Sobriety Monitoring
  • Choosing a Treatment Center

Typical Intervention Time Line

  • Telephone call to one of our substance abuse counselors
  • Pre-Intervention Counseling and Evaluation
  • Scheduling and Evaluation
  • Family Consultation Day
  • Intervention Day
  • Transportation to Treatment
  • Post-Intervention Counseling
  • Lifetime Support
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