Drug and Alcohol Testing

drug and alcohol testing

[blockquote type=”right” cite=”Pam G., wife of Random Drug Testing and Intervention Client” style=”font-size:22px;”]”It gives me peace-of-mind that my husband isn’t using again and it has rebuilt the trust between us.”[/blockquote] [column type=”one-half”]

Have you ever heard the phrase: “I swear I’m not using any more. You can drug test me.” Or maybe: “I’m not drinking at work, trust me, they would never allow that.” The love inside of our hearts grasps onto the hope and blinds up to the reality that is right in front of our face.

It is not a conscious action, but a subconscious one; our stress mechanisms tell us that we would be better off if we just avoided the situation right now.

You are not alone. Many family members went on for weeks, months, even years, suspecting that there loved one was drinking or using but when they denied it, what could we do?[/column] [column type=”one-half” last=”true”]

Sometimes the faint hope was too strong to confront the lie. And what would be the point? And even if they are sober today, there exists a seed of doubt.

There have been so many lies in the past, how can we believe them? When a client returns home from treatment there is always such hope…but also fear. When our alcoholic shows up 10 minutes late for dinner there is now the question hanging over them. We want to ask, but we don’t want to accuse.

Today, things can be different. What if you could sleep each night without question? What if their sobriety had the legitimacy of random drug and alcohol testing?

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Give your loved one the gift of accountability

Although typically just one part of a more comprehensive Case Management service, we can provide randomized drug testing and alcohol screening for your loved one. Typically, this continuum of care service commences directly following discharge from treatment and has a duration of 1 year. We will coordinate the random tests with a local screening facility.

The cost for this service for 1 year is $3,000. The family or the client will also be responsible for the fees associated with individual tests. Please Contact Us with questions regarding Random Drug/Alcohol Testing.

drug and alcohol testing

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