Family Reintegration

A Family Reintegration Coach bridges the gap between treatment and a sober home life

Remember, sobriety is a process; it is a change in lifestyle. It can’t always be looked at like a broken arm or a case of the flu. Someone returning from treatment needs help to learn how to live without using drugs or alcohol.

Moreover, YOU may need help learning how to live with them sober. For, in truth, it is you that have suffered the long nights awake. It is your heart that has jumped at every late night phone call, hoping and wishing it was not the police, or worse. Your trust has been broken and it may take some time for that trust to be regained.

“Your son is now ready to come home…”

Ouch. When a treatment center that your loved one has been attending makes that call, you would think that everyone would be overjoyed. Most of the time, however, that is not the case. Our minds often automatically go back to the way things were before they entered treatment.

“Did this work? Maybe they should stay longer. What are we going to do if he relapses. Should he come home? Is the treatment center going to help us? I am not sure what to do right now. Honestly, I wish he’d stay there forever. I’ve actually been able to sleep without worrying for the last month. I hope things work out, but I’m worried again.”

Our Family Reintegration Coaches can help reintegrate your loved one back into your home. New boundaries have been drawn through the intervention. Everyone wants to adhere to those boundaries but sometimes you won’t have any idea how to do it.

A Family Reintegration Guide meets your loved one when they are released from treatment, escorts them to your home and begins by helping them and you to go from treatment, immediately into active recovery.

Our Family Reintegration Coaches will guide you down the path to lasting recovery

Within the first three days out of treatment, a new foundation will need to be built. The treatment center will have given a discharge plan — an action plan for those early days when things are the most difficult. Allow us to guide you through that plan; make the right decisions, and help your loved one achieve the sober life you wanted from this whole process.

Sober Reintegration is equally as important as the intervention and the treatment your loved one received. Whether you know it or not, there may be alcohol or drugs hidden in your house, in the car, or at work. There may friends that you thought were harmless but now would not be good influences. Your loved one has spent a good amount of time learning about addiction and recovery, now it is time for them to put it all to practice.

Allow our Sober Reintegration Coaches to be the bridge between treatment and the real world. Allow them to answer the difficult questions and make the difficult decisions. Give your loved one the gift of lasting sobriety.

For the Coach to remain with you and your loved one for three additional days following their return home the cost is $4,500 plus travel and lodging expenses. The Reintegration cost includes an additional family session, similar to the pre-intervention session, but this time including the individual who went to treatment.

We will go through our post-treatment reintegration workbook which will continue to empower both the family and the addict or alcoholic. We will educate the family on recovery and work with all parties to set into place an effective plan for building a lasting foundation for sobriety.

Additional services included with family reintegration may include:

  • a discharge plan review with the family
  • substance and paraphernalia removal and cleanup
  • contract creation for new boundaries and consequences
  • companionship to 12 step meetings or other recovery based services
  • help in admittance to a recovery home or sober living
  • as well as many other services that would aid in early recovery

The Coaches are also available to stay for additional days depending on the families desires and the individual case.

The reintegration will be facilitated by one of our professional Family Reintegration Coaches. Our Coaches have years of experience in their own recovery, interventions, and family systems. They will hold your hand through the most important days following discharge from treatment. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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