lifetime support

Looking beyond the short-term goals of simply “getting the addict to treatment” our belief is that an intervention is not truly over until the addict receives one year of continuous sobriety. In order to help achieve this, we look at all the factors contributing to the addiction, examining the causes and conditions.

Lifetime Support

A drug and alcohol intervention should not end when the addict agrees to go to treatment. A professional intervention is a process, not an event. go beyond the initial intervention. To help an addict or alcoholic and their family achieve the first year in sobriety, we offer each of the family members lifetime support and consultation after the intervention, during treatment, and in the weeks, months and years to come after treatment.

  • How do I treat my loved one while they are in treatment?
  • How do I handle visitation?
  • What do I do if my loved one wants to leave or does leave treatment before completion?
  • How do I treat them when they returns home after treatment?
  • Is it a good idea that he return back home right away?
  • Does he need further treatment?
  • Is it a good idea to have family counseling?
  • What do I do if he relapses after treatment?

Understand that, on the drug or alcohol intervention day, what you consider to be of the utmost importance, might not be all that important months later after your loved one is home after completing treatment. But then you will be facing new challenges that you didn’t think of addressing during the intervention.

Helping guide you to find the answers to all these questions, tailored for your specific family dynamic is why we offer lifetime support.

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