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Information on Drugs, Alcohol, and Interventions in Delaware

Delaware InterventionistWhen discussing how to plan a successful drug or alcohol intervention, it is helpful to understand what types of drugs are prevalent in your state and how they affect it. In the state of Delaware, the percentage of teenagers, middle-class residents, and white females using illegal substances is higher than ever. Crack cocaine, MDMA, marijuana, and heroin are the most abused and highly trafficked drugs (MDMA being the most prevalent). Prescription drugs and opioids are on the rise in Delaware as well. The popularity of night parties and the beach life have caused the use of all different types of “club drugs” to skyrocket.

Many of Delaware’s drugs are smuggled into the state from surrounding states such as New York, Pennsylvania, and Maryland. Interstate I-95, the major highway that runs through Delaware, makes any city or town along that highway a target for many traffickers. Delaware does, however, have strict drug laws and even non-violent drug offenders are incarcerated in order to rehabilitate the person; however, illicit drug use is still on the rise.

Delaware Drug Addiction Facts:

  • About 1% of Delaware citizens in 2013 were reported being dependent on and/or abused alcohol.
  • Only 10.8% of those citizens received treatment for their alcohol dependency or abuse.
  • In the same year, 3.1% (23,000) individuals in Delaware were recorded to have a dependency on illicit drugs.
  • Approximately 8% (around 17,000) of those citizens did not receive any form of treatment.

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