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Information on Drugs, Alcohol, and Interventions in Idaho

Idaho InterventionsBefore seeking out an intervention for a loved one, the family needs to understand what drugs affect their state and how certain substances change it. Even though Idaho is one of the least populated states, it is not immune to drug and alcohol problems. Due to the state bordering Canada, marijuana, pharmaceutical drugs, and “club drugs” are frequently smuggled into it. Recent seizures along the Canadian border indicate that Canada has now become a major supplier of illicit drugs into the American market.

Except near the capitol, Boise, resources for drug and alcohol rehabs are few. Many state residents are forced to seek treatment out of state. We specialize in getting families the help they deserve when at times they may feel helpless. Let our intervention specialists help to guide you in choosing the best treatment solution for your loved one.

Why Choose Intervention Services USA for Drug or Alcohol Interventions?

We commonly see that when someone is seeking an interventionist, they will most likely limit their choices to therapists within their state. Even though hiring a therapist may seem like the right choice at first, they may not be the right choice in hosting an intervention. Our interventionists take the time to train the family on drug addiction and build a support system for their loved one. As a result, Intervention Services USA has become the largest intervention service provider in North America. We are able to successfully deliver around 400 interventions per year with a 95% success rate.

As a company founded by a family who has struggled with substance abuse, we know what it is like to have a major rift within the household that comes from drugs and alcohol. We have taken our experiences, turned them into our passion, and created Intervention Services USA in order to help families just like yours every day.

Idaho Drug Facts:

  • Methamphetamine, marijuana, and cocaine continue to be widely available in Idaho.
  • 50 percent of drug treatment admissions in the state were for marijuana use.
  • Prescription drug abuse in the state is one of the highest in the country.
  • The drug-induced death rate in Idaho has been increasing over the last 10 years (many of which are between the ages of 45-54.
  • The suicide rate has also been increasing and has surpassed the national average.

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