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Finding an interventionist to help you encourage your loved one into treatment can be challenging. You’re already stressed, feeling down and defeated, and this is likely a last ditch effort to get your loved one the help that he or she needs to overcome addiction to drugs or alcohol. Having a professional Minneapolis interventionist on your side can help you to ensure a successful intervention.

While there is no true way to ensure that an intervention will be 100% successful, studies have proven that advice from an expert is often more widely accepted by an addict than that from a biased loved one or friend. As such, your decision to stage a drug or alcohol intervention in Minneapolis with the help of a professional is your best chance at getting your loved one the help that he or she desperately needs.

How an Interventionist Helps

Families often make a number of mistakes when it comes to making the honest attempt to ask a loved one to seek help for addiction. They may talk to the individual while he or she is high on drugs or under the influence of alcohol, which means tension is likely to be high. Or, they may become confrontational or aggressive which can trigger a defensive stance from the addict. An interventionist can help you to understand what NOT to do, and what you CAN do to ensure the intervention is a success.

The interventionist will:

• Educate the family on addiction and the role that they play in fueling the addict’s substance abuse.
• Help the family members to identify those in the addict’s life that are most likely to influence recovery.
• Train family and friends that are part of the “intervention group” to know what to expect, what to do, and how to stay focused during the intervention process.
• Facilitate the intervention from start to finish, including flying or driving with the addict to the treatment facility IF he or she makes the choice to accept treatment.
• Follow-up with family to provide access to support and treatment options for their healing.

Do I Really NEED An Interventionist?

Determining whether intervention is really necessary depends on each unique situation. If you’ve tried to talk with your loved one already about his or her addiction and they have been apprehensive or in denial, a professional Minneapolis interventionist can help to more clearly outline the dangers, and the impact of the addiction to the addict in a way that is more likely to lead to acceptance.

Often times, families choose intervention because they have tried everything else they know to do, and they fear the worst IF their loved one does not get help. If you KNOW a loved one is struggling with addiction, and you’ve tried every method that you know of getting the individual to enter treatment, calling an interventionist in to help you is the next reliable step in the recovery process.

Don’t let addiction ruin another day of your life, and your loved one’s life—seek the help that has been proven effective. Find a Minneapolis drug and alcohol intervention specialist to help you today.

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