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When considering a drug or alcohol intervention in Rhode Island, it is helpful to take into consideration the predominance of the various drugs and their activities within the state. Rhode Island, being the smallest of America’s states, is highly industrialized with a large population. It is home to a large jewelry industry. Rhode Island has an authority-defying nature and is known for supporting freedom of conscience and action. From the burning of the British revenue cutters before the Revolution to its early declaration of Independence from Great Britain is 1776 and its choice to not participate in the War of 1812, Rhode Island has always been rebellious. However, the state’s rebellious ways have not been able to keep it from participating in the wave of drug and alcohol abuse that is prevalent throughout the country.

Cocaine is the most popular abused drug in Rhode Island. High-quality cocaine at 60%-90% purity levels is available in many areas of the state. Rhode Island’s traffickers also supply cocaine to users in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine. These states also use Rhode Island as a transshipment point for drugs that are going to be distributed in New England. Cocaine is shipped from South America on commercial airlines and motor vehicles into various Southwest States. Cocaine is also concealed in goods on tractor-trailers and transported into New England from Mexico. A large percentage of this cocaine is converted to crack for retail distribution.

Very high-purity heroin is readily available in almost every city in Rhode Island. Heroin trafficking in Rhode Island is controlled primarily by Colombian, Puerto Rican and Dominican drug traffickers. Large quantities of marijuana are widely-available throughout Rhode Island. As the supply fluctuates and the seasons change, marijuana prices change as well. Most of Rhode Island’s marijuana is from Mexico, but marijuana from other foreign countries is available to a lesser extent. Marijuana is usually transported into the state via parcel carriers and couriers on airlines from the southwest border. In certain cities, users are also able to obtain hydroponically produced marijuana from Canada. This “hydro” marijuana is sold anywhere from $3500 to $5000 per pound.

Drug or Alcohol Interventions in Rhode Island

It is not uncommon for someone seeking an interventionist to choose to limit their options to only an interventionist in Rhode Island. It might make sense at the time, due to the fact that a local interventionist is nearby and could save you on airfare. But consider that Intervention Services is the largest intervention service provider in North America, delivering 6-10 successful interventions per week. A counselor in Rhode Island who works with addicts and alcoholics may not be an expert in the field of drug and alcohol interventions. Call now to speak to one of our qualified substance abuse counselors and interventionist specialists and understand the difference.

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