Nashville Drug and Alcohol Interventions

According to the Tennessee Department of Mental Health & Substance Abuse Services, 364,234 people received publicly funded behavioral health services, including substance abuse treatment, in the state in 2016. Though substance abuse is a serious issue in the United States and specifically in the city of Nashville, there are a number of resources for individuals who need help to be able to recover quickly and efficiently from their addictions. Sadly, less than 2% of those who are addicted to drugs or alcohol get the professional treatment that they need.

Often times, family member or loved ones will ask an addict to seek help but he or she will refuse. This is common play when addiction is concerned, but you can’t let the addict defeat you that easily. Calling the help of a professional Nashville drug and alcohol interventionist can assist you in the process of getting your loved one into treatment.

Why Choose a Nashville Interventionist?

Individuals who become addicted to drugs and alcohol usually can’t overcome this syndrome on their own. In most cases, they will be unable to stop themselves from using, even if they want to, because their consistent substance use has altered their brain chemistry. The only way for someone like this to recover safely is in treatment. But what do you do when a loved one refuses treatment for his or her drug or alcohol addiction?

You seek an interventionist to guide the way.

Professional intervention services include:

  • Planning of the intervention to include who will be there to help and what questions will be asked of the addict during the process.
  • Planning of the treatment program after the intervention should the addict choose to accept help right away.
  • Planning of the location and time of the intervention with the help of friends and family members who are close to the addict.
  • Staging a “mock” intervention so that everyone BUT the addict can practice how the process will work.
  • Guiding the actual intervention to ensure the conversation remains on track and the end goal of treatment acceptance remains the focus.

Why is it Important to Get Treatment?

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, professional rehab programs help patients decrease their criminal activity and improve their functioning socially, psychologically, and occupationally, as well as stop abusing drugs. Without the kind of medical help a rehab center provides, including medication and behavioral therapies, recovering addicts often struggle to make real changes. Addiction treatment really does work, which is why many cities, like Nashville, are attempting to increase their capacity for providing addicts with the necessary behavioral treatments.

Interventions help with this process by encouraging addicts to seek help and to get sober. Often times, this process simply cannot be completed without the help of a professional because the addict is to confrontational, delusional, blindsided or otherwise apprehensive towards the mere idea of recovery in a rehabilitation program or facility. During the intervention, you and your Nashville interventionist will encourage the individual into treatment by:

  • Explaining to the addict how his or her addiction affects you.
  • Describing the treatment that is being offered and what it will mean for the addict.
  • Defining consequences that you WILL stick with if the individual decides NOT to choose treatment.
  • Providing emotional support – many struggling addicts just need a small nudge in the right direction to seek help, others are a bit stubborn and require a more defined approach.

Pointing out how the addiction is impacting those that the addict loves and cares about is sometimes all it takes to get him or her to accept help. Either way, a professional interventionist in Nashville can help you navigate this process and get your loved one the help he or she needs.

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