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Maybe you’re at the end of the rope with your loved one’s addiction. Perhaps you have tried to get him or her to stop using drugs or alcohol and despite your loving efforts the individual just berates you with anger, hateful words, and a refusal to accept your care. If this sounds like your current situation, consider a Dallas drug and alcohol interventionist to help you work with your loved one to get him or her into professional treatment for addiction.

Hiring an interventionist in Dallas may seem like a “last resort” or a “last ditch effort.” But when you’ve seemingly tried everything else that you know to get a loved one into treatment for addiction to drugs or alcohol, and nothing else is working, you have to resort to what WILL work. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, interventions work because studies have proven that addicts are more receptive to expert advice when it comes to promoting change.

What does a Dallas Interventionist Do?

You’ve already tried everything, so how can an interventionist possibly help? This is a common feeling for the family member who has suffered at the throes of having an addicted brother, sister, daughter, son, mother or father—why bother? But there is hope!

An interventionist will:

• Help you to identify the people in the addict’s life that are most likely to help influence him or her to get treatment. The interventionist will also help you to identify those who may need to stay away from the intervention because they are equally involved in the addiction with the addict.
• Provide education and training for you and your loved ones to ensure that the intervention is effective. This includes teaching you what may or may not happen when the addict is confronted about treatment, providing support options for friends and family of the addict to ensure a solid support system for the individual, and teaching the addict about his or her addiction and the repercussions of continued substance abuse.
• Facilitate the actual process of intervention by acting as a third party that is objective and able to help in the situation.

Hire an Interventionist in Dallas

If you have a loved one in Dallas that’s addicted to drugs or alcohol and you’re at the end of your rope, consider hiring an interventionist to assist you. Dallas drug and alcohol interventionists work with you and the family of the addict, so even if the individual becomes angry, lashes out, or otherwise will not accept treatment, he can’t fire the interventionist. This is one of the many benefits of having a professional help you with the intervention process.

Family interventionists help you by discussing the addiction and its impact on the entire family system—not just the addict. This personal approach that allows YOU to feel some level of control over your life is often a kick start in the right direction towards healing after a very long time of anxiety, depression and general upset.

Don’t let addiction ruin another day of your loved one’s life. Seek a Dallas interventionist today to help you get professional treatment for your loved one and begin the healing process.

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