Seattle Drug and Alcohol Interventions

When you’ve tried every method you can imagine to get your loved one or friend to seek treatment for addiction and all options have led to the same consistent drug or alcohol abuse and apprehension towards treatment, intervention may provide an outlet that actually IS effective. Staging a successful drug and alcohol intervention in Seattle requires the help of a professional, but when the entire process if over, you’ll feel better knowing that your loved one got the help that he or she so desperately needed.

What is an Intervention?

According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine in association with the National Institutes of Health, interventions are defined to help addicts learn how to control their addiction through changing behaviors and improving a situation. Addiction interventions generally involve the gathering of friends and family as well as a professional interventionist to work with the addict to guide him or her towards making the decision to seek treatment.

The interventionist will ask you a series of questions to get to know your situation and to better understand the addict. This also helps the interventionist to determine whether he or she believes they will be able to encourage the addict into treatment or not. You will need to know:

  • If the addict is violent or has aggressive tendencies, particularly when discussing his or her addiction.
  • Whether the addict is using drugs or alcohol with other family members or friends. (It will be important that these individuals are not included in the “intervention team”)
  • Who is most likely to influence the addict to make positive behavioral change—who means the most to the addict?
  • What times the addict is most likely to be sober or under the least influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • What substances are being abused and the severity or frequency of abuse.

Helping a Seattle drug and alcohol intervention specialist to understand each of these specific elements related to your situation can help him or her to plan the best course of intervention for your loved one.

Types of Interventions

Seattle drug and alcohol interventions involve a number of both behavioral and cognitive therapy methods according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse. The goal of the intervention, no matter which type of therapeutic process is used, is to encourage the addict into treatment. The most common methods or types of interventions for addiction to drugs or alcohol include:

  • Invitation style interventions
  • Brief interventions
  • Systemic intervention
  • Conversational style intervention
  • Confrontational style intervention

While there is no surefire way to ensure a successful intervention (because in the end it’s up to the addict to decide whether he or she will accept treatment), studies have proven that having a professional on your side during the intervention process is more likely to lead to a successful outcome.

What Happens During the Intervention?

Every intervention is a little bit different, but the general steps that will occur when you call a Seattle interventionist for help include:

  • A series of questions during the research phase during which the interventionist decides whether he or she believes the addict will agree to treatment.
  • A planning stage during which time the interventionist will work with family and friends to help them understand the addiction, their role in the intervention, and what to do if the addict does NOT choose help.
  • A rehearsal stage during which time the “intervention team” gets together to decide on what they will say to the addict, what the overall message of the intervention will be, and what consequences will be provided should the addict NOT choose help.
  • The intervention itself, during which time the intervention team consisting of family and friends, the interventionist and the addict will come together to work towards the common goal of sending the addict off to treatment.
  • If the addict chooses treatment, a Seattle interventionist will remain with the individual until he or she is admitted to treatment.

Working with an interventionist ensures the greatest chance of a successful intervention. You can find Seattle interventionists in private practices, through government-funded institutions, and at local rehab facilities.

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