Milwaukee Drug and Alcohol Interventions

When a loved one is addicted to drugs or alcohol and you have asked them to seek help over and over again to no avail, giving up may seem like the next appropriate course of action to keep yourself well—but there is hope. In Milwaukee, drug and alcohol interventions provide one option to help those who persistently refuse treatment to “see the light” and accept what is necessary. As a family member or loved one of an addict, seeking the help of a professional interventionist in Milwaukee could help you heal while providing an outlet away from addiction for your loved one too.

How Do Interventions Work?

According to Brief Interventions and Brief Therapies for Substance Abuse, a publication by SAMHSA, “both behavioral and cognitive theories have led to interventions that individual have been proven effective in treating substance abuse.” Most interventions utilize a combination of methods in order to achieve positive results.

The most common methods of intervention used in Milwaukee, and throughout the United States, include:

  • Systemic Intervention Models
  • Johnson Model Interventions
  • ARISE Model Interventions

The Intervention Process

A professional drug or alcohol interventionist in Boston will help you to more clearly define the intervention process but generally, you can expect something similar to the following steps:

  • An intervention group will be created—this group will consist of the friends and family members that are most likely to encourage the addict’s acceptance of treatment for addiction. It’s important that those who use drugs or alcohol with the addict are NOT included in the intervention group.
  • The interventionist will collect information – this includes information related to the addict, his or her addiction, how the addiction has impacted the family system, and what methods or attempts towards treatment have already been tried.
  • A formal goal will be defined – during this step of the intervention process the interventionist will help the family members define the true goals of the intervention—what do we want to occur? What will happen if the user does NOT accept treatment? How will the intervention team work together to ensure that the addict chooses help?
  • A message of intervention will be planned—this may include defining the tone of the intervention, how the message can be accurately portrayed to the addict, and what steps can be taken to eliminate any instances of denial.
  • The intervention takes place – a set time, location and message are defined, the family members and friends are ready, the professional is on their side, and they get together to offer their love and help to the addict. If the individual chooses treatment, the interventionist stays with him or her until they arrive at the treatment destination. If the individual does NOT choose treatment, the interventionist provides the family and loved ones with access to support to help them learn how to stop facilitating and start healing themselves.

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Are you ready to stop the cycle of addiction once and for all? Staging a drug or alcohol intervention in Milwaukee begins with having a professional on your side. Studies show that your chances of a successful intervention are increased significantly when you have a professional work with you. Don’t be afraid to take the next step towards helping your loved one get sober.

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