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When planning out a successful intervention, a family must understand what drugs are prevalent in their state and how they affect it. Drugs run rampant in the state of Alabama. Methamphetamine usage is one of the biggest issues the state faces. More recently, heroin has become a larger threat. What has become more common is heroin producers mixing Fentanyl with the drug. Fentanyl-laced heroin is the major cause of more users overdosing all over the country.

Due to Alabama having a smaller population, the state has limited resources when it comes to drug and alcohol addiction help. We strive on building an intervention and rehab plan and finding help when it may seem impossible. Due to our dedication to our clients, we are the largest intervention service provider in North America, providing around 300-500 successful interventions per year.

We frequently provide intervention services in Alabama cities including Birmingham, Mobile, Montgomery & more.

Why Choose Intervention Services Inc. for Drug or Alcohol Interventions?

We know what it is like when drugs and alcohol abuse almost destroy a family because our company was founded by a family who has had these struggles. We created Intervention Services, Inc. to help families just like yours every day and hopefully make a positive change in the world. When families begin to seek an interventionist, they try to limit themselves to an interventionist in their state in order to limit costs. Limiting costs may seem like a good short-term benefit, it is not the best long-term benefit when it comes to life or death situations such as this. Due to us being in business for so long, we have the proper resources in order to give you the best intervention possible with life-long success.

Give us a call and speak to one of our expert intervention and treatment coordinators and get the help your loved one truly deserves.

Alabama Drug Facts:

  • The most commonly used drugs within the state are: Marijuana, Methamphetamine, and Cocaine.
  • Other drugs that are becoming more popular in Alabama are: Ecstasy, LSD, MDMA, and Heroin.
  • As a result of Alabama being a “port state”, it makes the state a prime location for drug-trafficking.
  • Due to the state’s warm climate, marijuana is easy to cultivate and find throughout the state.
  • The common rural areas allow for methamphetamines to be made and sold at a low cost.


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