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Information on Drugs, Alcohol, and Interventions in Arizona

Before planning out any intervention, a family needs to know what drugs are most common in their state as well as understand how these common drugs affect their state. Arizona across the board has a higher rate of substance abuse than the national average. Arizona is one of the few states where drug-induced deaths outnumber deaths caused by automobile accidents. We specialize in building a plan that not only helps the addict heal but the family as well. As a company founded by a family who has struggled with substance abuse, we know what it is like to have a major rift within the household that comes from drugs and alcohol. Due our passion and drive for success, we have become the largest intervention service provider in North America, providing around 300-500 successful interventions per year.

Arizona Drug Facts:

  • Drugs of choice in the state are: Meth, Cocaine, Heroin, Marijuana, and Prescription Drugs/Opioids.
  • According to the CDC, binge drinking in Arizona was recorded at 13% (which puts it at #4 in the United States).
  • Arizona ranked #5 in the United States for alcohol-related deaths per 100,000 people in the overall population.
  • The rate of drug-induced death in the state exceeds the national average.

Why Choose Intervention Services in Arizona?

Our company was founded on taking our experiences with substance abuse, turning it into drive and passion, and help families across the United States every day. Our interventionists know how difficult it can be to help a loved one who is ridden with substance abuse. We have resources nationwide to help give you the most successful intervention possible. We take the time to train the family before the intervention to help educate on addiction and the possible outcomes of the intervention.

After the intervention, we do not disappear from your life; our services are here for a lifetime. What are you waiting for? Call now to speak to one of our intervention coordinators and let’s start a path of recovery today.



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