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California Drug and Alcohol Intervention Specialists

If you are looking for drug or alcohol intervention help in California, you may be wondering about how something like this will work, and how it will affect your loved one. By the time a family considers holding an intervention, they have usually tried many strategies to get their loved one to stop drinking or taking drugs. Since reasoning and pleading with an addicted person to change their behavior don’t work, you may be skeptical about whether an intervention will be successful, but working with a professional makes a big difference.

We have many years’ worth of experience in helping families throughout California find the relief they need through successful intervention services. Contact us today to speak with a California intervention specialist.

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Areas We Serve in California

We provide drug and alcohol addiction intervention services to people all over the state of California. We help individuals and families in Anaheim, Bakersfield, Burbank, Fresno, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, Santa Barabara and many other cities and towns.

How a California Drug and Alcohol Intervention Benefits an Addict

• Stops an Addicted Person from Staying in Denial

People who are addicted to drugs or alcohol often make statements indicating they are in denial about the seriousness of the situation. This distorted view of reality gives an addict the belief that they don’t have a problem. Instead, the people around them or, more likely, the world in general has a problem.

During the intervention, family members tell their addicted loved one how his or her behavior is affecting them. At this point, the veil of denial may start to be pierced and the addict will start the impact of past events.

• Lets the Addicted Person Know the Family Wants them to Get Treatment

During the intervention, the family members present a united front. Each person states what they will do if their addicted loved one refuses to get help. The addict is made to understand that the family wants them to get well and move forward to be successful.

• The Process Can Mark the Start of Healing for the Addicted Person

When someone with a substance abuse problem goes to a rehab center, they receive treatment for the underlying causes of their addiction. The program will likely include individual and group therapy sessions to help the addicted person examine and come to terms with the reason they started using chemicals initially. This treatment is beneficial in helping clients work on living a new, sober lifestyle.

A California drug and alcohol intervention can help a family member who is struggling with substance abuse. There is no advantage to waiting to take action to help a loved one struggling with addiction.

Information on Drugs, Alcohol and Interventions in California

When thinking about an interventionist to perform an alcohol intervention or drug intervention in California, it is helpful to consider what are the most common drugs throughout the state and how do they affect it. California is a very large state with a high population, major cities throughout the state, and has a large coastal region. These factors help create a large substance abuse subculture that has thrived for years throughout many different cities.

One of the major cities, Los Angeles, is the epicenter of the entertainment industry and it is also one of the prime cities involved in the international drug-trafficking business. Los Angeles is a major point in trafficking cocaine. This has lead to many serious drug and alcohol problems that still occur throughout the movie and music industry. Another major city, San Francisco, is not only well known for the creation of “hippie culture”, but it is also known for its heavy illicit drug use.

California Drug Facts:

  • Methamphetamine originated in Southern California during the 60’s and 70’s.
  • Powdered and crack cocaine is a wide-spread problem in California.
  • “Mexican Brown” and “Black Tar” heroin are predominant throughout the state.
  • Marijuana is the most used drug in the state and is either grown locally or imported from Mexico.
  • Hallucinogens such as LSD, ecstasy, “magic mushrooms”, and other “club drugs” are widely popular amongst adolescent users.

Why Choose us for Drug Interventions in California?

When families seek an interventionist, it is common for them to limit their choices to therapists within their state. Hiring a local therapist may seem like the right choice at first, they may not be the right choice in hosting an intervention. As a company founded by a family who has struggled with substance abuse, we know what it is like to have a major rift within the household that comes from drugs and alcohol. We have taken our experiences, turned them into our passion, and created Intervention Services Inc. in order to help families just like yours every day.

Intervention Services Inc. is the largest intervention service provider in North America, delivering around 400 successful interventions per year. Call now to speak to one of our qualified substance abuse counselors and interventionist specialists and get the help your loved one truly deserves.

california interventionist

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