Sacramento Drug and Alcohol Interventions

You’ve deliberated, you’ve thought long and hard, you’ve tried everything you know to do—and yet your loved one is still abusing drugs or alcohol against your best intentions to help him or her get sober. Now what?

If you’re living in Sacramento, drug and alcohol interventions are at the forefront of helping a loved one admit that he or she needs help and should accept treatment when it is offered. But it’s not always that simple—and we realize you may be at a point in which hope is on the lighter side and hopelessness is weighing heavy. We’re here to help!

Is Intervention Really Necessary?

You may not know whether an intervention is even a necessary step in the healing process for your loved one and/or for yourself. But if you’ve asked your loved one to get help and they have refused, and if their drug or alcohol use has hit a point in which it is causing problems for others, it’s time to take desperate measures.

An intervention can be a helpful resource, and with the assistance of a Sacramento drug and alcohol interventionist, you can encourage your family member or friend to seek life-saving treatment. Despite the known resistance to change that many addicts face, interventions are a way of tackling that resistance and getting an addict the help that he or she needs—immediately.

How Do Sacramento Drug and Alcohol Interventions Work

The first step of setting up an intervention is to determine whether the individual will be violent or aggressive towards you when you approach him or her alongside a group of others who care about him or her and a third party intervention specialist. This is an important consideration because the interventionist will want to know what he or she is up against.

Following the initial assessment over the phone between you and the Sacramento interventionist, you will go through the following steps:

• Planning between you and the interventionist as well as any other individuals who will be involved in the intervention will take place.
• A date, time and location that is most appropriate will be determined to ensure you get your loved one in front of the intervention team—preferably the individual will be sober or as close to sober as possible during this time.
• A place for treatment will be determined and the interventionist will help you to make sure that the rehab center or detox facility has an open bed to immediately accept the individual into their care.
• ONLY those who are not drug or alcohol users, and who are close to the addict should be part of the intervention.
• Consequences will be defined so that IF the individual does not choose treatment there is an alternative plan in place to help the family heal.
• Once the intervention has taken place, the Sacramento drug and alcohol interventionist will escort the patient to treatment.

Are you Ready?

If you’re still considering an intervention for someone you love, call our helpline for assistance. We’ll connect you with Sacramento drug and alcohol intervention specialists that can assist you in the planning and execution of an effective substance abuse intervention which could save your loved one’s life.

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