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San Francisco Drug and Alcohol Interventions

You’ve probably already heard the term “hit rock bottom” when discussing addiction and you’re wondering, when is enough, enough? At what point is it time to seek professional help for my loved one who absolutely refuses to listen to me and get treatment?

San Francisco drug and alcohol interventions are encouraged LONG before your loved one hits “rock bottom.” In fact, that old saying that an addict had to hit the lowest low before he or she could begin to rise back up from addiction is no longer considered “true” or even meaningful. If you know someone that needs rehab, and is apprehensive or absolutely refusing to get help, consider an interventionist to support you efforts.

Types of San Francisco Interventions for Drug & Alcohol Addiction

Depending on the lifestyle of the addict and various other factors, there are multiple options for drug or alcohol interventions in San Francisco. The most common techniques used by most intervention specialists include:

• A Tough Love Approach – this means basically, you either accept the help that is offered and we love you, or you don’t accept the help, we still love you, but we do nothing else for you.
• A Confrontational Model – this means basically that family members aggressive approach the addict about his or her addiction and show that the behavior the addict uses is harsh and painful, and that the family can act the same way—again, either seek help, or we do nothing for you.
• The Johnson Model – this model involves the family working to help the addict envision the worst before “rock bottom” actually occurs so that he or she will seek help before it’s too late.
• The Systemic Family Model – Understanding that the family system is important to recovery, this method of intervention involves the entire family seeking help together.

So what happens once you call the interventionist in San Francisco and get professional help? Does the addict magically accept treatment and all is good in the world? Not always—but that IS the goal.

Here’s how a sample intervention in San Francisco will play out:

• The family will gather with the San Francisco drug and alcohol interventionist to define the roles of each member of the intervention team and the goals of the intervention.
• Research will be completed and a planned location of treatment will be defined so that the loved one has a recovery option in place if he or she chooses help.
• A practice intervention will take place so that everyone involved understands their role and the potential outcomes of the intervention.
• The actual intervention will take place in a safe location that is neutral ground both for the addict and the loved ones or family members.
• If the addict chooses treatment, the San Francisco interventionist will escort the addict to rehab.
• If treatment is not accepted, consequences are doled out by the family and further options for family support are offered by the interventionist.

If you’re struggling to get your loved one to “see the light” and accept treatment for addiction to drugs or alcohol, call our helpline. We can connect you with San Francisco drug and alcohol intervention specialists that will guide you towards getting your loved one the help that he or she needs.

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