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San Jose Drug and Alcohol Interventions

If you have tried to get a friend or loved one into rehab and he or she is apprehensive or completely against the option of getting professional help, times can be tough. You may feel overwhelmed, or you may have even lost all hope. But don’t let this prevent you from taking the steps to getting a professional San Jose drug and alcohol interventionist on your side.

While interventions are not guaranteed, sometimes having a third party resource on your side can make the difference between whether you get your loved one to accept treatment or not. Studies have actually proven that addicts are more receptive to the help offered by an outside party than they are when a loved one or family member mentions treatment—and this means that a professional San Jose interventionist could work to your advantage.

Finding an Interventionist in San Jose

Your first step in finding an interventionist in San Jose is to call for help. There are many options and specialties to choose from, and it’s important to make the right choice. Rather than overwhelm yourself with the details—call an expert and get started right away. After all, the longer an addiction goes untreated, the greater the risks are for substantial consequences that may potentially be irreversible.

What to Expect During San Jose Drug & Alcohol Interventions

You’re probably wondering how the process will work? What is it that a professional interventionist from San Jose can do that you haven’t already tried? Will it ACTUALLY work?

These concerns are all common and acceptable issues that arise for family members and loved ones who are seeking help for someone they care deeply about. Here’s what you can expect:

• The San Jose interventionist will ask you questions about your loved one and his or her addiction. Is he or she violent or aggressive when you discuss addiction? Is he or she suicidal?
• The interventionist will help you to define a treatment center that is affordable and has a bed immediately available so that if your loved one accepts help he or she can be immediately admitted into treatment.
• You will work to define the intervention team and the roles of each member alongside the San Jose intervention specialist.
• The staging of the intervention will take place in a mutually comfortable and neutral area such as a community meeting space or the home of a friend or family member.
• If your loved one accepts treatment, the interventionist will escort him or her to rehab.
• If your loved one does not accept treatment, the interventionist will discuss with you other options to help you and the rest of your family to heal and to find support.

Are You Ready to Get Help?

If you’re ready to get involved in a San Jose drug and alcohol intervention, call our helpline today for support. We’ll guide you through the process and connect you with a San Jose interventionist that can lead you and your family towards getting your loved one the help that he or she needs.

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