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Las Vegas Drug and Alcohol Interventions

Has addiction to drugs or alcohol gotten in the way of your life with a spouse or loved one? Does it seem like you’ve tried everything you can to get him or her to quit, but despite your best efforts, drugs continue to get in the way?

If you’re at the end of your rope, and unsure how to proceed, a Las Vegas drug and alcohol intervention specialist may be the solution to your needs. While an interventionist cannot guarantee that your loved one will accept help, they can guarantee that they will provide a clearly defined, step-by-step process that will show the individual the RIGHT way to stop addiction and make a clear choice for improvement in his or her life.

Las Vegas Addiction Statistics

• More accidental drug overdose deaths occur in Las Vegas than car accidents.

• In 2014, Nevada was one of 7 states selected to participate in the Prescription Drug Abuse Reduction Policy Academy which is poised with the CDC to help reduce the impact of opioid addiction and overdose rates throughout major cities such as Las Vegas.

• Few medical conditions outside of addiction are shamed and frowned upon as much as substance abuse disorders. Studies estimate that less than 10% of those who need treatment in Las Vegas get the help that they desperately deserve.

So, basically if you aren’t addicted to drugs or alcohol, you know someone who is. If you live in Las Vegas, you’re chance of being a loved one that is closely dealing with an addict is 1 in 3. Interventionists in Las Vegas can reduce this number by helping you get your loved one into treatment.

Las Vegas Intervention Process

So what’s it like to choose an interventionist and then perform an actual intervention on a loved one? Is it hard? Will it be dangerous? How will the interventionist in Las Vegas change the outcome—I’ve already tried to get my family member to accept treatment many times before, so I’m concerned that this time won’t be any different.
These are all common concerns when you’re overwhelmed and feeling like this is a “last ditch” effort. But now is NOT the time to lose hope.

Here’s how the drug and alcohol intervention process will generally go:

• You will call our helpline and be connected with a Las Vegas Interventionist.

• A pre-intervention process will take place. This includes discussing your loved one’s needs and addiction problem with the Las Vegas drug and alcohol intervention specialist.

• You’ll prepare for an intervention following the guidelines and tips offered by the specialist. This may include packing the clothes your loved one will need in treatment, making rehab arrangements, and preparing a list of alternative consequences that you are willing to stick to IF your loved one does not choose treatment.

• The intervention will take place over the period of just a day or it could take a few days of preparation leading up to the actual intervention. During this time, the Las Vegas interventionist will walk you through the process of communicating your feelings with your loved one and showing him or her how important it is to you that they choose treatment.

• Following the intervention, the individual will immediately travel to treatment with the intervention specialist OR ultimatums will be set and you will immediately enforce the discussed rules associated with your loved one’s failure to accept help.

Getting Help in Las Vegas

If you’re ready to start the drug and alcohol intervention process for a loved one, don’t be afraid to call our helpline. Las Vegas drug and alcohol interventions can be pretty scary at first, especially if you’re unsure of how the process will play out—but this could be a life-saving decision for someone you care deeply about.

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