Reno Drug and Alcohol Interventions

Often times, an addict simply doesn’t even realize that his or her use of drugs or alcohol has spiraled out of control. Other times, family and friends have made every effort they can think of to get a loved one into rehab, and are at the end of their rope—willing and ready to give up hope.

Reno drug and alcohol interventions provide a last resort to those who have come close to losing hope but are willing to try at least one more time to help the individual they care so deeply about. By providing a peer, that is an outside, third party, who recommends treatment, many addicts change their outlook and decide to take the leap into treatment despite what they believed to be “best for them” prior to the intervention process.

How do Reno Drug and Alcohol Interventions Work?

Addiction impacts the entire family—ever facet of the family system is impacted by addiction to drugs or alcohol and a path of destruction is left in the wake. Drug and alcohol interventions in Reno help by offering support both for the individuals that are immediately impacted by addiction as well as to the family members or loved ones of those struggling with the drug or alcohol use.

These programs provide:

• Help with finding and securing a bed in a detox or rehabilitation facility.
• Help with defining the goals and roles of the intervention and the intervention team.
• Education about addiction and the recovery process.
• Support in determining the best way to approach the intervention.
• Guidance during the intervention that ensures the time spent with the addict and the rest of the intervention group is most effective.
• Final preparations and care to ensure that the patient gets accepted to treatment. This may include the Reno interventionist transporting the addict to the rehabilitation facility.

About Reno Intervention Services

It’s very common for a family member or loved one to wonder HOW to conduct an intervention. Working with a licensed, and experienced, drug and alcohol interventionist in Reno is a vital element of this process. This ensures that the intervention is most effective and it creates the greatest chance for a successful outcome following the intervention.

Planning and preparation are the primary elements of the intervention. Sadly, without the help of a professional, an intervention could turn violent or it may end with everyone in the process feeling worse off rather than better. This is why we recommend you call our helpline to be connected with a local Reno drug and alcohol interventionist that can assist you in this process.

Finding Intervention Help

Delaying treatment for an addiction can have serious consequences on the addict and it may lead to long-term emotional trauma and other serious problems for the family too. Recovery begins with a call for help—and if your loved one who’s addicted won’t make that call, it may be time for you to do it for him or her.

Reno drug and alcohol interventions are just a phone call away. We’ll connect you with the support you need to get your loved one on the road to recovery. Just give us a call and begin the journey today.

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