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north carolina interventionistInformation on Drugs, Alcohol and Interventions in North Carolina

In recent years, North Carolina has become a major state for drug trafficking and usage. Opioids have become a major hindrance to the state. Wilmington, NC has become the top city in the country for opioid abuse (with 11.6% of its residents using opioids). North Carolina also has three other cities (Hickory, NC [#5], Jacksonville [#12], and Fayetteville [#18]) on the list of top opioid abuse in the country.

Other than opioids, cocaine can also be found in almost all regions of the state. North Carolina’s cocaine supply is trafficked into the state via the interstate highway network. Crack cocaine is most prevalent in North Carolina’s large cities and rural areas. Due to North Carolina having many colleges throughout the state, club drugs are very popular among young adults. MDMA, GHB, and LSD are the most prevalent club drugs in the state.

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North Carolina Drug Facts

  • In 2013, 3.4% (or around 233,000) of people in North Carolina were reported using illicit drugs.
  • Out of that group of people who used illicit drugs, 91.2% did not receive the treatment they deserve.
  • In the same survey, 5.8% of residents in North Carolina reported having alcohol dependency.
  • 5.6% of North Carolina residents 21 and older reported having heavy alcohol use.
  • Since 2009, North Carolina has seen a steady increase of patients checking into rehab.

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Many families struggle to find valuable resources in order to help their loved one. Due to us being the leader in intervention services nationwide, we have the resources to help every family in any situation. Every day we give families hope that they may have lost it many years ago. As a company that was founded by a family that has struggled with substance abuse, we make sure that families are able to understand and handle the tough road ahead.

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