Portland Drug and Alcohol Interventions

Addiction to drugs and alcohol are a serious problem in Portland, OR much like the rest of the U.S. The opiate epidemic has struck hard throughout the city as have drugs such as methamphetamine, cocaine, and synthetics like Molly or MDMA. If you’ve got a loved one that’s addicted, and you’ve tried to get him or her to seek help, an intervention may be the only viable solution to immediate treatment when other options have failed.

Portland drug and alcohol interventions are available to assist addicts who need a little (or a lot of) encouragement to seek treatment for addiction. These individuals may not even realize that their addiction has spiraled out of control or, if they do realize it, perhaps they are just afraid to go into rehab. Either way, they need an outside source to help them to accept that the problem with their addiction is VERY REAL and that they need professional help.

Portland Addiction Statistics

• Overdose rates and the number of opioid related overdose deaths are on the rise in Portland much like they have been throughout the United States over the past decade.
• High intensity drug trafficking has led to increased use of a wide range of illicit drugs in Portland including methamphetamine, cocaine and heroin.
• Illicit drug use and addiction contribute to higher rates of homelessness, dropouts, criminal activities, problems with work and school and increased healthcare costs throughout the city.

With the above activities and problems that are occurring throughout Portland, it’s no wonder one in three people are either addicted to a dangerous substance such as drugs or alcohol or is closely related to an addict. When you feel like there’s no hope left, intervention provides one last potential solution to this devastating problem by offering a gentle (or firm) push toward treatment that could save your loved one’s life.

Portland Drug and Alcohol Intervention Services

Various methods of assistance are provided when you call a Portland interventionist in to assist you. The most common services taking place during Portland drug and alcohol interventions include:

• Preparation for the rehabilitation that will take place IF the individual chooses treatment.
• Family counseling to ensure treatment is offered for co-dependency.
• Planning of the treatment admission process, intervention process and follow-up care process necessary for long-term recovery.
• Facilitation of the intervention between the addict and loved ones with the Portland interventionist acting as a liaison between both parties.
• Escorting to the rehab facility if the individual accepts treatment. The interventionist will actually go with the individual to ensure they are admitted and safe in treatment.

Types of Portland Drug and Alcohol Interventions

If you’re considering an intervention for someone you love, here are some options to think about:

• Portland drug addiction intervention – great for those who are addicted to prescriptions, illicit drugs or other substances.
• Portland alcohol interventions – ideal for those who are addicted to alcohol and have tried other methods of quitting.
• Portland OTC medication interventions – the ideal intervention for an individual that’s addicted to an over-the-counter medication.
• Family interventions – ideal for a situation in which more than one individual is addicted.

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