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Salt Lake City Drug and Alcohol Interventions

Although an intervention could essentially be performed by a friend or family member, improper planning and the lack of a third party resource often leaves both the addict and the family member or loved one feeling worse off, rather than better, following the intervention. Salt Lake City drug and alcohol interventions can improve the effectiveness of a routine intervention by providing a trained specialist to assist in the process of encouraging a loved one or family member towards entering detox or rehab.

The Goal of Salt Lake City Interventions

Of course the goal is to get the loved one to admit they have a problem with addiction that is not only impacting his or her life, but that is also impacting the lives of their loved ones and family members—but this may be easier said than done. It’s not always possible to get the addict to “see the light.” If it were easy, you probably wouldn’t be here considering a professional to help you with the process.

When hiring Salt Lake City drug and alcohol interventionists, the goals should be set as follows:

• Seek to “enlighten” the addict as to how deeply his or her addiction is impacting his or her life.
• Seek to “enlighten” the addict as to how deeply his or her addiction is impacting the lives of those they care most about (mom, dad, sisters, brothers, spouse, children, friends, etc).
• Provide a purpose of confrontation – to offer HELP.
• Lead the addict to treatment in a detox, rehabilitation or sober living environment.
• Warn of consequences should the individual NOT accept help.

What if the Intervention Doesn’t Work?

Interventions, much like any form of treatment for a disease, are not a fail proof option and they don’t always work as planned. Although you have the best chance for success when you hire a Salt Lake City intervention specialist to assist you, this does not guarantee success. There is always a risk or chance that your loved one will say “NO” to rehab and deny the help that is offered to him or her—so what happens then?

Recognizing the risk that the addict will NOT go to treatment is another element of the intervention—and it’s why you hire an interventionist in Salt Lake City or elsewhere in the U.S. The specialist will assist you, the family members or loved ones, to seek supportive care that will guide your healing and recovery despite your loved one’s negative outlook on treatment.

Even if the intervention doesn’t work, help and support programs are available to prevent you from living a continued life of codependency.

Salt Lake City Intervention Steps

Your first step is to call for help. Then you can work on the steps that will be required to ensure the successful intervention which include:

• Talking one-on-one with the intervention specialist about your loved one and his or her needs.
• Preparing to pay for or assist in the payment of drug or alcohol rehab.
• Gathering friends and family for the intervention.
• Preparing for the aftermath of the intervention which may include your own need for counseling.
Don’t let addiction rule another day of your loved one’s life—call to be connected with a Salt Lake City drug and alcohol intervention specialist today.

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